My Interview on the Ambitious Entrepreneur

4 Key Leadership Principles for Entrepreneurs with Gordon Tredgold.

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According to IBM – 60% of projects fail; Forbes and Bloomberg say that 80% of businesses go bust within 18 months; and Acupoll states that up to 95% of product launches fail.

Today our special guest is Gordon Tredgold. Gordon has worked […]

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Guest Post – How to be a PowerPoint Power User

Guest post on How to be a Powerpoint Power User as suggested by NeoMam Studios.
Got a presentation to prepare for? Want to avoid “Death by PowerPoint”? Then read on, we’ve polled some PowerPoint experts for their tried and tested PowerPoint tips. You’ll even discover how to partner PowerPoint with best of breed presentation productivity apps […]

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Leadership In Times of Crisis

With the terrorist attacks that we have seen over the last 4 days in Beirut, Kenya, Paris and Bagdad, it’s pretty clear that the war on terror is not a war that is being won. In fact it seems like the number of attacks and threats of attack are increasing.

This increase is leading to an […]

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Persistency and Consistency are Talent Multipliers!

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you apply persistency and consistency, they can take a small modicum of talent and turn it into great results, allowing us to achieve things that we never thought were possible.

Persistency is the art of continuing especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, and sometimes, even failure. That ability to […]

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Why Doing Less Doesn’t Always Achieve More

I’m amazed at the number of companies and entrepreneurs who have grasped the “less is more” approach and actually ended up not only doing less, but achieving less.

The whole less is more approach is based on ensuring that we’re focused on the right things and that anything that doesn’t help us achieve our goal is […]

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Leadership – It’s Not About You!

On your journey to becoming a leader it’s all about you. Your personal development; your self knowledge and understanding; your personal growth. However, once you become a leader however, then it’s all about the team, your staff. If we focus more on ourselves and the company than them, then they become disengaged, which is bad […]

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3 Lessons Learned From Running My First Marathon at 52

When I decided to run my first marathon at the age of 52, the majority of comments I received were along the lines of you’re crazy, you’re too old, you’re too fat and you’re too unfit and that was just the wife. Many people said “why not try a 10k, or a half marathon first”, […]

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Guest Post – Pain Stopped Play

Guest post – Pain Stopped Play by Sunil Bali.

In the aftermath of the New Zealand victory in the Rugby Union World Cup Final, Sunil looks at the career of Ritchie McCaw, one of the games biggest legends, and what it takes to be a winner.  Original post can be found here.

Pain Stopped Play

On more than […]

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10 ways to improve your emotional intelligence and become a better leader

When I was first promoted to a leadership position, I was so proud and yet so unprepared.

It was my technical skills that had gotten me the job, not my leadership skills, as these had barely had the chance to develop.

I remember my first day in this new role, one of my direct reports came to […]

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FAST Launch

On October 20th we launched FAST – 4 Principles Every Business Needs To Achieve Results And Drive Success.

We held it at FAU Tech Runway, FAUs new Entrepreneur Incubator Program, which we thought was the ideal location to launch FAST, as it’s all about helping business and entrepreneurs achieve results FAST!

My beautiful wife Carine organized everything, […]

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