Top 5 Extraordinary Ways to Motivate Employees

It is easy to understand why motivation can – and surely will – erode, sooner or later, in a workplace. Just think of the monotonous beat that daily office work gives off. While many fields of work can at first be exhilarating, the steady flow of work will almost inevitably lead to the doldrums. If […]

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How Companies Can Embrace Technology To Better Their Output

How Companies Can Embrace Technology To Better Their Output

Technology is being embraced in all walks of life, including how companies can better their output, productivity and day-to-day decisions. Below are a few pointers of how your company can save money and time by embracing technology.

The way you connect to customers

Technology now enables […]

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My Little Secrets For Your Big Success (TedX Belfort)

On Friday 9th of November, I did my first ever Ted Talk and to make the challenge just a little bit bigger I decided that I would give the talk in French.  Which was actually a bigger challenge than I expected.

Here’s the script for that talk in english.

Today I want to share something with you, something […]

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What Does It Take To Become a Successful International Entrepreneur?

What Does It Take To Become a Successful International Entrepreneur?

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in its annual report ( for 2017/18 observes that the last few decades have witnessed a significant global trend of entrepreneurship all over the world. Instead of the traditional trigger of necessity driving the need for a new business, in many countries, […]

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The Power of Focus (Conference Video)

The Power of Focus

I was invited to speak at the Narrative PR Conference in Cairo on Oct 28, which for me was a great honour. The focus of the conference was on promoting Egypt, on Nation Branding. And raising the profile of Egypt.

My talk was on the Importance of Focus. How with the right Focus […]

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4 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable to Your Boss

4 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable to Your Boss

Tip 1: Build on What You Are Told.

When a manager gives instructions, a good employee will closely follow the directions and do what she is told. However, a great employee will not only follow the directions that she is given but will also add value by pushing […]

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Three Tips For Growing Your Business

This is probably going to be one of the shortest articles I have  ever written because my three tips for growing your business are:


I know that sometimes it feels great to be a lone wolf, a solopreneur, and you have probably all heard saying that it’s lonely at the top.

But I think the African proverb […]

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Customer Loyalty Strategies for Small Businesses

When businesses think of strategies to build customer loyalty, they often think of programs like punch cards or special discounts for frequent shoppers. These may work for large chains – and, in some cases, they may even work for small businesses.

If small businesses actually want to compete with giant chains, however, they have to […]

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Why Everyone Needs To Develop Persistence

As I prepare for my Tedx Talk at Belfort called My Little Secrets For Your Big Success on of the secrets I am including is the Power of Persistence.

I think persistence is something that is often overlooked. Or undervalued. But in reality, it’s one of the greatest skills that we can develop. Because persistence really […]

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One Crucial Leadership Trait That Top CEOs Have

People management is arguably the toughest tasks of the 21st century world. With so many work choices available, employee churn rate is higher than ever before.

So, how then can we ensure that we retain our staff and inspire them to push themselves to perform their best? What is the one crucial leadership trait that allows […]

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