7 Good Reasons to Invest in an MBA

If you’re hoping to improve your career, or even go for a complete career change, then you may be considering studying for an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration). An MBA qualification can open up several doors of opportunity for you and be the foundation that you need for a lucrative and rewarding career in business. […]

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How Women Can Get Ahead in a Male-Dominated Industry

If you could rewind the clock to the past two decades, it was a challenging time for women working in all industries. In the 21st century, the opportunities in the workplace are endless. At the same time, some industries are predominantly male-driven which includes technology or oil and gas. In these sectors, women have the […]

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Want to Be More Self-Aware? Build a Better Team.

Want to Be More Self-Aware? Build a Better Team.
By Audrey Epstein

There are lots of compelling reasons to build a better team. Great teams:

Deliver stronger results faster
Are more innovative
Challenge you to learn more quickly and be at your best
Are simply more fun

Recently, I found a new reason to build a better team […]

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Eliminate conflict in the workplace with these 5 tips

Have you been noticing signs of conflict in the workplace? Whether you’re directly involved or not, it’s crucial you’re doing everything you can to resolve it – conflict can be terribly detrimental to employees, even if it’s simply going on around you.

With that being said, here are five essential tips to help you alleviate any […]

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10 Tips For Managing Your Online Reputation

Your reputation is sometimes the only thing that you have. It takes years to build and can be lost in seconds. The same is true of our online reputations as that is often the first place that people come into contact with us.

Here are our tips for managing your online reputation that will help you […]

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Inc Top 100 Leadership Speaker For 2018

4 Years ago I was working as Global Head of IT Service Delivery for a large German company, I hadn’t written a single blog, I had never posted or tweeted about Leadership, and I had definitely never done any speaking on Leadership.

So I was incredibly proud to be included in the Inc Top 100 Leadership Speakers […]

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Tips For A Successful Marketing Strategy

Coming up with a solid marketing strategy isn’t an easy feat. It takes dedication, perseverance and the ability to keep up with recent trends. You have to be forward thinking and able to solve problems quickly, plus, with an abundance of competition, being quick in this digital landscape is imperative.

It’s important to document your plan […]

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SEO Tips Every Recruiting Company Needs to Know

Every industry needs to be using SEO techniques as part of their marketing campaign and Human Resources is no exception.  Over 22 million job seekers head to Google every month, and if your SEO is poor, you won’t be attracting the best candidates for your jobs.  In fact, a solid SEO campaign can not only […]

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4 Investments Businesses Should Make to Keep Employees Happy

Keeping the employees happy is one of your primary objectives as a leader and a business owner. Happy employees who genuinely enjoy working for your company always produce better results and are often more productive than unhappy ones. There is also the fact that happy employees care more about what they do and the wellbeing […]

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Business Developments To Watch Out For In 2018

It’s always good to be thinking and looking ahead when you own a business. A new calendar year is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Instead of continuing with the usual business processed, use the New Year to evaluate what you’ve been doing well and what changes are necessary.

Look at trends and seek out […]

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