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Leadership - Gordon Tredgold Ebook

Leadership It’s Marathon Not A Sprint

Everyone has the potential to be an inspiring leader.
Learn how! Simplicity, Transparency and Focus: understand what leadership really is about, learn how to apply powerful leadership principles, see the impact that leadership can have, become an inspiring leader.

This book shows how to use leadership to achieve sustainable long-term success. Success quickly achieved is easily lost, and that’s why leadership is a marathon are not a sprint.

FAST - Gordon Tredgold Ebook

FAST: 4 Priciples every business needs to achieve success and drive results

Fast is a revolutionary approach to leadership that simplifies exactly what is needed in order to be successful. FAST is straightforward pragmatic, and easy to follow, and will challenge you to think differently about the way you approach your business, your leadership- and your life.
Fast has been successfully used to turnaround failing projects, under-performing departments, and money-losing companies. This method of analyzing all aspects of business and leadership has been implemented in large, complex, projects bringing change in record time. it has been used to help leaders, business, and corporation alike increase both growth and profitability. it also helped the author, Gordon Tredgold, to successfully run my first marathon at age of the fifty-two.
Whatever you goals, FAST will help you successfully achieve them.
FAST was a finalist the chartered Management Institute Management book of the year.