Can Online Courses Teach Your Staff Practical Skills?

Business growth is a concept that involves many different parts. For some businesses, it’s all about increasing marketing efforts and working on your visibility. In other areas, it could mean improving your product and developing something new and unique to add to your product lineup. In short, it’s all about understanding what’s best for your business.

Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of growing your business is investing in your staff members. It’s becoming increasingly common to just replace staff members with more experienced and versatile recruits once the business grows larger. Very little time and money are spent on improving staff members despite there being so many different options. So can online courses really be a good way to teach your staff practical skills and grow your business?  Let’s find out.

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Skills can be taught but an attitude is difficult to change

One of the most difficult things to instill in an employee is a productive attitude. While many interns and junior employees can be shaped to become brilliant members of staff, hiring someone that already has years of experience doesn’t guarantee that they’ll fit into your company culture. Sure, they might have the skills to do their job correctly, but we can’t neglect the importance of establishing a positive working environment. The fewer complaints and disagreements there are, the better the business runs regardless of the skill of your team.

As such, it’s good to remember that you can teach someone skills but you can’t change their attitude. Junior members and interns that display a strong sense of loyalty to the business should be invested in. By giving them a chance and teaching them new skills, you increase their loyalty further and give them a reason to trust your company with their livelihood. This establishes a positive company culture and ensures that your staff can get along. When you introduce a grizzled veteran into your team, there’s a chance that their personality doesn’t mesh well with your small team.

Online courses can teach practical skills

One of the most common misconceptions with online courses is that they teach you very vague and basic concepts. People believe that they don’t go in-depth with their lessons because they simply can’t without having a lecturer in front of them. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. With reputable online universities such as Kettering Online offering courses on everything from engineering management to data science, online study can teach you practical skills that can immediately be applied to your business.

This is incredibly enticing when it comes to growing your staff and teaching them helpful new skills that can instantly be applied to the business. Since the online study is extremely time-efficient, your employees could study and apply what they learned to your business the same day. Online study is a lot more versatile than most people think, and with specialist universities offering courses with practical industry applications, it’s becoming more and more common for businesses to invest in the skills of their employees.