Carpe Diem!

Today's the day
Let’s make today the day, that we will set our selves a new goal, or make the first move on a goal that we have always dreamed of.

Dreams are great, but it’s action which brings them to realisation, and lets start that action now.

Our first step should be to define the goal, to put it into the forefront of our minds, and get our brains to start thinking about it both consciously and subconsciously. Our brains are massively powerful tools, lets put it to use.

Secondly we need to come up with plan, sufficient to at least know what the first steps are  and then we should start.

All big goals start with small steps, if our goals require too big a first step, it’s likely that we will become daunted at the prospect, and put off starting and ultimately fail to progress.

So identify a small step, make that step, then look to make a second step.

Nothing motivates like making progress, even small progress, so get started on that goal.

Share your goal with friends, family and colleagues, they may have ideas on how you could achieve it, they may offer help an support, they may even have achieved the goal themselves and be able to provide advice.

Dare to dream, start to act, and then succeed.

I have just recently achieved a few of my dreams, I have written a book and run a Marathon, both long journeys which before I started I thought were possibly unachievable, but with a plan, small starts and action both have been achieved.

My dream is to speak on Leadership on TED – today I plan to Seize the Day, create the plan and put that plan in action.

My first steps will be to start to think about what I would say, and start to research on how you get to speak on TED.

What are you goals, what are you dreaming of, let me know and if I can help, support or provide guidance and advice I will be happy to do it.

Gordon Tredgold