Leaders born or made?

In one of the comments on yesterday blog Venkat asked me whether I thought that leaders are born or are created. There is a lot of debate…
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Go tell it to the Marines

The following 10 Leadership Principles are looked for and trained for in the US Marines, most of these apply to all Leaders in all walks of life.…
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Transformational Leader

Great video by Brian Tracy on how to become a Transformational Leader. The messages are simple, clear and easy to understand. The only reason not to follow…
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Leadership Legacy

As a leader what do you want your legacy to be? Do you want to be remembered as a leader who delivered great change, significant improvements or…
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Trust – The Essence of Leadership

Excellent leadership video from Colin Powell on the essence of leadership. I fully agree with him that it all comes down to trust, if people don't trust…
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Inspiring confidence

As a leader one of our key roles is to inspire confidence, but confidence in whom? For me the following quote is the real answer to that…
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