Celebrate Success


We need to celebrate in order to recognise the achievement, because what we recognise we repeat.

It’s also an opportunity to thanks those indirectly involved.

In our Marathon, Kristen, Tarak and myself, had the euphoria of crossing the finishing line and receiving our medals, but taking time to celebrate allows our partners and those who supported us and without who’s help we could not have succeed, to celebrate too and to enjoy the moment.

As we celebrate it allows us to reinforce the sense of achievement, it gives us time to reflect and look back on what we have achieved, how far we have come, to relive the key moments and ultimately the success.

We need to savour the moment, enjoy the success, get to know what being successful feels like, so we can strive for more.

It also a great time to start to think about our next goal whilst we are highly confident in our ability to achieve what we set our sights on.

Marathon complete








I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks all those who supported me throughout this journey, without you it wouldn’t have been achieved.

Now, what next?

Gordon Tredgold