Chief Recognition Officer

My name is Carine Tredgold, Chief Recognition Officer at Gordon Tredgold LLC, and today I am thrilled to share, with you, my first article in the Success Blog.

I am both proud of my job title, and also sad at the same time because unfortunately this a position/role which is absent from many Organizational Charts, but why?

“Recognition” we all know what it means, and we are all looking for it, consciously or unconsciously. Just like love, recognition is our daily energiser, a spring of well-being.

From a smile to a genuine compliment, it will make us feel at our best and what is so extraordinarily nice about it is that it works from both sides and in any direction. Yes, I can give you that smile and yes you can return it to me.

Even better it is free of charge, and yet the benefits can be priceless.

What about this light in your eyes when you smile? What about this nice warm feeling in your chest when you receive that smile in return?

Recognition is an essential part of Emotional Intelligence 101. We seek for it all our life, as a part of a family, in a school class, at work, in any social group, and this concerns all people around the world.

Recognition implies tolerance, empathy, respect, honesty and a full presence.

I am proud to hold this title, and I wear it like a Super Hero’s cape because with the recognition we lift Mountains, achieve a Fantastic Results, and truly Make a difference.

We cannot measure Recognition, but we can measure its beneficial consequences.

Why not give it a try, just start small maybe by giving a smile and watch the impact that that can have.

I hope you like the topic, and if you have questions, please post them in the comments section as I am honored to guide you on the path of Recognition and its quintessential value.