The Contagious Power of Shared Inspiration

A great friend of mine once mentioned to me her plan to write a book with the title “How to Be a Bad Boss” or something of that nature, that would highlight all the things that bad bosses do.

With the idea that you should try to do the opposite if you want to be a good boss, or if you notice things you’re doing that are in the book, then maybe, just maybe, you should reconsider your approach.

I really liked the idea, I thought it was a great angle.

As we discussed it, we became inspired, and we started to think of crazier and crazier ideas, with both of us getting excited.

Her idea really inspired me, and in return, my enthusiasm for the idea inspired her further, it created a sense and feeling of belief, as now someone else believed in the idea, which then gives it more power.

When we inspire each other we give our ideas wings, we help them to fly a little higher, helping them to become a little closer to realisation.

We had a great time discussing the ideas for her book, and as the creative juices started to flow, it also gave me ideas of my own – not on a similar theme, but as I encouraged her, it also dawned on me that for some of the things I was thinking about, maybe it was time for me to get them off the drawing board and start to look at bringing them closer to realisation too.

Inspiration is massively powerful, it gives us the energy to make another leap forward, to advance our ideas from dreams towards reality.

When we are inspired we can increase our output tenfold, we get into the flow and thoughts and ideas, just pour out of us.

With my friend, after a brief chat, she went away and wrote another chapter for her book, and also had ideas for 10 more, I am sure if she had had the time she could have just sat down and written several chapters as she was inspired and in the zone.

One of the things that I struggle with is that, I tend to do a lot of the writing I do alone, and whilst I become inspired by things, it’s so much easier to become inspired and for that inspiration to become an epidemic when we work with others, as inspiration is contagious.

So if we start to feel inspired we should look to share that with people and see whether we can inspire them, as inspiration is a multiplier and their inspiration will actually increase our inspiration in return.

It becomes a spiral of inspiration, it becomes infectious, ideas feeding off one another, increasing our belief in what is possible and our confidence in our own ideas.

It’s like when you see someone laughing and having a good time, if you add others to the mix, the laughter increases and the whole mood of the room changes. You can tangibly feel it.

Unshared inspiration, however, can be fleeting, but when we share it it becomes more solid, longer lasting and can stay with us for days.

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