Crack The Leadership Code 2017

Check out my interview on Crack The Leadership Code with the brilliant Michelle Pizer, where we talk about failure, and what we can learn from that. We also talk about the power of Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation, and how we can use them to get more people engaged.  In the US only 30% of people are engaged and anything we can do to increase this is going to add  to that is going to have a positive on the bottom line and performance.

Imagine how productive your business would be if you have 70% of staff engaged, and this is the approach that I use to help drive performance up by 50-500%. There are a lot of good tools you can use like Six Sigma, Lean etc., to drive performance, but if we spent as much money, time and effort on engaging people as we do implementing these types of tools the results be amazing.

I hope you enjoy the interview and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me and ask 🙂