Does Leadership Exist in Civilian Society Anymore?

Guest Post

Guest post from Sean Turk, giving a view on leadership from the newest generation. If you like what Sean has to say you can read more at  Get Inside Leadership

Leadership in the 21st Century –
Does leadership exist in civilian society anymore?

Leadership is the influence of one person on others to achieve a common goal.

To-days generation (society) has been dubbed (partially by the life’s greatest critics: The older generations) ‘Play Station generation’ through which a number of stereotypes and assumptions are made.

Consequently the generation is deemed to be lazy, impolite, disrespectful and incorporating all the attributes not expected of leaders.

However the 21st Century has had little focus opposed to the 20th Century, experiencing two world wars, equality movements and the rebuilding of nations.

It is commonly assumed that leadership is craved most, by the military now-a-days, and to an extent it is because a person through which decisions and the motivation to follow those decisions needs to be clear, as it is likely the situation is dire (moreover, it is expected).

However society, especially today lacks focus in comparison to the 20th Century after the great wars and equality movements (where at the time the military way of life was more prominent – and so it’s expectations).

So, having said that, today’s generation has little to work towards in the eyes of society because the problems which existed (and at the time experienced superb leadership) have been resolved (used loosely).

Therefor the problem could be seen as there being no common goal to achieve (through which leadership derives) rather than lack of leadership or poor leadership.

Consequently few leadership figures and leaders in general exist now.

As a result fewer people (as a population) are being inspired or fueled with the impetus for change (at such times leaders are clearly identified).

It could be argued the reason for this is that we (MEDc’s more so) live with no/few problems and so leadership is not demanded.

So, it would be truer to dub the generation a ‘lost generation’ as we have no great focus, no great problem, nothing compelling people together to achieve a common goal.

Therefor, in my opinion, the possibility of provoking the leaders in all of us within civilian society isn’t there as much (Especially through a great war – whereby leadership is expected and demands large quantities of great leaders) and so rather than contemplate the impossible we should learn to appreciate the increased value of leaders now-a-days, but also be aware leaders are decreasing in number, as there is, in societies eyes, no great need for them.

A short analysis of the existence of leaders in today’s civilian society.
Sean Turk