Don’t Rain On Anyone’s Parade

For 2016 this is my message to everyone is don’t let anyone rain on your parade.

You are good enough! You set the benchmark for the achievements you want to achieve. We are not in competition with anyone, and our goals should be to improve against our selves.

When we compete we need someone to lose in order to win, and that creates negative atmosphere.

We need to be supportive and work together, helping each other achieve our goals.

So don’t let anyone rain on your parade and tell you that your goals are not big enough or that your achievements don’t cut it, that’s not their concern, nobody keeps score for us but ourselves.

Also, don’t rain on anyone else’s parade either. Celebrate the success that they claim,no need to belittle anyone.

Last month I competed in the West Palm Beach Marathon, and one of the ladies that was in the group I run with she completed the marathon in 6hours and 58 minutes. No it wasn’t a world record, it wasn’t even a course recorder her age group, but it was still a success.

She set her goal to run her first marathon in under 7 hours and she achieved that, with 2 minutes to spare. So this was a great result.

We do not know the journey or start position of everyone, so we shouldn’t be judging what they should or should not be able to achieve, we should just be supportive, encouraging people and applauding them on the journey.

If we could all do that for 2016 it would be a great year.

I’d like to wish everyone a great 2016 and I hope that you achieve your goals whatever they may be 🙂