Doubts Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will

There are two key stumbling blocks that everyone has to overcome to start the journey towards their goals.

Two voices they need to get past, one internal and one (or possibly more) external.

The internal voice is the doubts we raise about our abilities and the possibility of us being successful. We can never outperform our self-perception The limiting thoughts we have about our capabilities, become real limits that are difficult to pass beyond.

We need to work to create new beliefs, a new self-perception, one which shows us being successful and achieving our goal. Without this it’s more than likely that we will not even attempt to achieve our goal.

Once we have gotten past our doubts, the next challenge is to get past the doubting voices of others. These could be friends, family or even our partners, but we need to remember that their doubts say more about themselves than they do about us. It could be that they believe they couldn’t do it, so for sure we couldn’t do it.


Or it could be that they feel that if we succeed it will make them feel bad about their own performance and so they try and know the wind out of our sails. If we don’t try, we can all remain happy under performers together.

We need to banish these naysayers, understand that the limitations they speak of as things that apply to them and not to us.

We should look to surround ourselves with positive people, people who believe in us, people who can lift our spirits when we are down, help us up when we stumble and encourage us to keep going.

We can all achieve so much more than we believe, and that is true of others too, and we should look to be that positive voice for them, as well as trying to find our positive voices. Be the tide that raises all ships.

Much of what holds us back is just imagined, they’re not real limitations, but unless we can fight past these doubts, they will stop us from even trying.


Success comes to those who can banish the doubts and strike out toward their goals.

It’s not always possible and certainly not easy to do this on your own, and good coaching and mentoring can really help.

To us our doubts seem very, very real, but with the right person at our side we can soon brush them aside and look to achieve our full potential.

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