Dream Big

I often write about setting Big Bold Goals, about Dreaming Big and looking to inspire yourself and your teams and was once again reminded how powerful and inspiring this can be when I read an article in the paper about a good friend of mine Will Pack.

Will and I worked together over 10 years ago, and I knew that one of his passions was sailing, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise to me when he set about a goal for this passion, which was building a boat. I have been following the progress via Facebook where Will often posts pictures and gives a brief update of the progress.

However, it wasn’t until I read the following article in the Hutt News that I realised just how much of a Big Bold Goal he had set himself and lets just say I am truly inspired.

This is really amazing and dwarfs anything that I have even considered for myself, and now has me thinking about going back to the drawing board and rethinking what my goal should be.

I thought Wills goal was to just a build a boat, and having seen the pictures it was difficult for me, a land lubber, to judge what type or how big the boat would be.

Here’s the first few pics, and from these you don’t really get the enormity of their vision.








But what I found was that Will was looking to build a big boat, a 32 foot Catamaran racer, but I was truly stunned when he said that he goal was not only to look to race the boat, but to look to cross the Atlantic in the boat that he and his father were building, and possibly even sail around the world.

Building your own boat is a big goal, but thinking about crossing the Atlantic thats a whole other level, and to sail around the world, well the only words i can think of are WOW!

They have been building this boat for over 2 years, so it’s no small feat of engineering, here are some more photo’s showing the progress and determination to bring this dream to life.

02 Kids Playground
12_kick_up_rudderIMG_151517 assembled3

I have so much respect for what they are planning, it truly is an amazing dream, and the fact that Will gets to do this with his dad is a greta inspiration too, what a bonding experience this will be 🙂

I have followed their progress not knowing what their real goal, but now I will follow it with much more enthusiasm, and hopefully I can get Will to write a guest post on this, how it all came about and then once its done, and what it was like achieve the amazing incredible goal.

I have no doubts that coming this far, with such dedication, that they will make their dream, such is their passion.

Here’s a picture that shows just how big this baby will be, this is just one of the 2 hulls that their catamaran will have.


It was only when I saw this, and the size of the boat that I understood why this was taking a long time to build, it truly is a labor of love.


Here’s Will and his dad enjoying a beer after their hard work, hopefully they will be soon sipping champagne after completing this Big, Bold, and Beautiful Goal.

If you want to know more you can follow their progress on their website Packsail.

Respect, I am truly inspired!!!

Gordon Tredgold

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