Eliminate conflict in the workplace with these 5 tips

Have you been noticing signs of conflict in the workplace? Whether you’re directly involved or not, it’s crucial you’re doing everything you can to resolve it – conflict can be terribly detrimental to employees, even if it’s simply going on around you.

With that being said, here are five essential tips to help you alleviate any conflict in the workplace.

Talk to the boss

 One of, if not the simplest way of handling workplace conflict is by telling your boss (or at least any higher-up) about it. You can at least plant the seed and let them know about any conflict you’ve experienced, whether you’re directly involved or not – it’s still detrimental to the environment in the workplace regardless.

Find a good time to talk to your boss and then be sure to clearly and calmly give an explanation as to what has been happening. Bosses are often busy and unaware of goings-on internally, so it’s likely they have absolutely no idea of just how severe or damaging the conflict is becoming. It’s important to let them know.

Work together as a team

Conflict can easily arise should you not work together as a team to achieve results. Your ideas and opinions over the tasks at hand will likely be conflicted and, if you’re not working together on things, it’ll become a lot harder to be productive and reach the desired goals.

Be sure to make an effort to come together and work on things with colleagues if you need to. There’s no harm in approaching somebody, especially if you feel stuck or that a colleague possesses a higher level of skill for that certain task. Don’t fret – it’s worth asking. And, by working together, you’ll be sure to create bonds you can rely on, diminishing any chance of conflict.

Be more sociable

 Try to talk to your colleagues about matters that aren’t work-related, too. It’s important to be sociable and open with your peers at work, whether it be during lunch breaks or on team-building days – so long as you’re making those relationships between the people you work with, conflict is a much less likely situation to arise.

Consider asking people at work whether they’d like to go and grab a drink, perhaps after a long Friday in the office or otherwise. It’ll help you socialise with people there may be rifts within the workplace – issues can often get in the way of personal bonds, and so socialising could help remedy any internal conflicts. 

Report workplace bullying

 Have you noticed some bullying occurring in the workplace? Smart Pension highlight how almost six in ten people have witnessed bullying in the workplace – it’s not uncommon. And it’s important to do something quickly about it before it becomes damaging for the victim – whether it be things such as subtle insults or name calling, or something more severe, be sure to take it up either with a boss or with HR.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the victim or not – by eliminating the bullying, you’ll be creating a more pleasant and worthwhile atmosphere in the workplace for everyone. Take it upon yourself to be the person who does something about it, and you’ll stand out as a productive and caring employee.

Are you the boss? Be proactive

If you’re the boss and have been told of a conflict in the workplace that is affecting your staff negatively, it’s important to put an immediate plan into action in order to remedy it. Your employees’ wellbeing should be your highest priority, and so it’s important you’re doing all you can to make them feel comfortable and happy.

Perhaps talk to those affected individually to grasp a well-rounded view of the situation before going forward with a solution – get all the facts and the evidence before you do, though. Anyone being wrongly accused will not be very appreciative of it.