How Recognition Empowered Me…

GT Top LeadershipWhen I first started blogging and building a following on social media, one of my closest friends said to me ‘what makes you think that you can stand out against all of the other experts online, and get anyone to read or listen to what you have to say’.

When he said that I was stunned because as a leader he was usually a very empowering leader, always looking to build up his team, giving them confidence in their abilities and telling them that impossible was a word that did not exist in his vocabulary.

When I challenged him on this, he said ‘look, it’s a massively competitive area with a well-established core of experts already, it’s not that I don’t think you’re good enough it’s more to do with the sheer level of competition and where you’re starting from’.

GT TOP Business CoachingNow, many people might have seen this as disheartening but for me, it actually empowered me, because now I had nothing to lose, there was no expectation, anything I could achieve would be a bonus and would be seen as a victory. I always relished the underdog role, and when someone told me, I couldn’t it made me all the more determined to succeed.

It also told me that just writing once a week that just writing the odd article here and there was not going to cut it; I was going to have to do something above and beyond.

So I followed my own FAST process to achieve the results I was looking for, that meant being Focused, Accountable, Simple, and Transparent.

I focused on three things, trying to produce quality content on a regular basis, almost daily; building real a following who were interested in my niche, and then engaging with them.

Accountability was simple; it was down to me and only me to do this, having someone else write for me was not going to work, and it would have flown in the face of authenticity which is crucial for leadership.

GT Offer StickerSimplicity, I looked to keep the process as simple as possible so that I would be able to share it and teach it to others so that they could benefit if it worked.

Transparency was the easiest part as there were plenty of analytic tools and ranking websites which would show me how I was progressing.

Today I achieved a new milestone, I was ranked as the Number 3 Social Media Expert to Follow on Twitter, this now also goes alongside the rankings I have received for Leadership and Business Consulting.

This has taken me just three years achieve, writing nearly every day, producing over 900 plus articles in that time, building a following of almost 1/2 million on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and tweeting and posting around 150-200 times a day to engage with them.

GT Top Social MediaInitially, I was empowered by the words of my friend who told me I couldn’t, but my confidence really grew when I started to see things come together, the number of articles and the following increase and my climb the rankings.   This then allowed me to go and empower others showing them the techniques that I had used, which then helped them to build followings, increase their influence and ranking online.

This is one of the great things about empowerment, as we become empowered and see the benefits in our results it allows us to empower others to achieve great things, but they also can then go on to empower even more people to be successful.

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