Excuses, Excuses, Excuses


Excuses are not the same as Reasons, they are what we use instead of Reasons.

Today I should be running as part of my training for the Marathon: I woke up at my usual time 5.30, so I have plenty of time; I feel a little stiff, but at my age this is normal; one of my running buddies is won’t be running, but I have often run alone; and yet here I sit, having decided I won’t run today.

I have a thousand Excuses but no real Reasons not to.

The only thing resembling a Reason is, I just don’t want to run today.

This is all a question of Motivation, before I ran my first Marathon in April I very rarely missed a training session, I ran in snow in temperatures ranging from -6C to 32C, and early morning or late at night.

My Motivation was strong and nothing was going to stop me completing my first marathon.

With the second Marathon, it just doesn’t have the same buzz or the same feel to it. It is still going to be tough and I will need to be prepared, 42km is still 42km, but it just isn’t the same. Without the strong Motivation, accepting weak excuses becomes easier and skipping training sessions becomes more frequent.

Before I over came Reasons why not to run, today I am looking for Excuses.

Sometime we need to realise this and just buckle up, and do what we need to do.

It we don’t really feel we have the motivation, we should fake it until we find it.

So with that in mind, I guess I should just accept that these are only excuses, get off my ass, get changed and get running.


Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles