Leadership Training by Gordon Tredgold

About Coaching with me

Take Your Leadeship Career and Business to New Levels

Each one-on-one session is personally delivered by Gordon and is uniquely designed to address challenges or realise opportunities. Gordon create clarity and understanding of the issues, helps define solutions that clients believe in, and get them into action and start making progress towards the goal. Using Gordon’s proprietary FAST approach it enables him to contextualize with ease, explore solutions that are not always obvious, and help transform these into actionable strategies that clients can implement.



Clearly defined goals and objects, with a clear picture of what success looks like, that increases effectiveness.


Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and expectation that lead to ownership and empowerment.


Simplified solutions that build confidence and inspire teams to take action, and increase efficiency.


Detailed understanding of what’s involved, the key milestones and progress tracking system.

Results Achieved With The Program

Monte Clarke

Fractional CMO

Allison summers

Executive Director

Marisa Santoro

Leadership Trainer