Why Facebook Should be a Pillar of Your Marketing Strategy

 Although it originated as a means for social interaction, more and more businesses have seen the golden opportunity provided to them by Facebook. As well as being able to set up a business page for free, there are loads of great features like Facebook ads and Facebook Live which easily create content such as video which can be shared through Facebook.  Using a Facebook Ads agency, you can absolutely dominate with the right amount of exposure needed to cultivate the right audience. You may be surprised of the traction you get, even in the current year where many alternative platforms exist.

Almost 2 billion users log into Facebook every month, creating an incredible opportunity to find new customers and raise the profile of your company. Due to the way that interest groups are set up, you may even be able to use Facebook to find a group of potential customers without having to do any work other than a quick search. If you sell shoes and there are groups set up for people that love to buy shoes, and they display their email addresses on the Facebook profiles, then you can add them to your mailing list. There are even tools that will allow you to extract email addresses from Facebook groups, so you don’t have to spend time collating the information yourself.

Another great feature that Facebook provides is Events. You can easily create an event on Facebook and invite people to attend. Therefore, if you are marketing your business through an event and you need to gain lots of interest, setting up a Facebook event will help you to do this. Events are a great way of getting potential customers engaged with your product or services and to get them to advocate your business to other people.

Maybe you have a shop that you are opening, and you want to hold a launch event that will get everybody talking about your business. Or you could be marketing a corporate business, and you want to invite potential clients to a charity event to introduce them to your company.

Some people are worried about holding events in case not many people turn up, but did you know you can guarantee great attendance if you buy attendees for your Facebook event from sites such as Social Media Daily? This is an easy way to generate interest. You can show how popular your event has been by adding video coverage of the event onto Facebook via Facebook Live.

Have you tried using Facebook Live yet? Facebook Live allows you to live stream videos directly to followers. It has more impact than a video that is days old and may even get people to come to an event once they see it is happening. So, if you run a bar for example and you have a band performing, you can put a live stream of everyone having fun and the band sounding great. If somebody is sat in another local bar and they go on Facebook and see what is taking place at your bar, they may just encourage their group to head over to the place where the fun is happening. This will result in increased takings that they may not have acquired without the help of Facebook Live.

Facebook has so many opportunities, and its popularity means that refusing to incorporate it into your marketing strategy may hinder your company’s profits and future growth.