FAST Interview on the ‘Bring It’ Show

Check out my interview Yakov Savitskiy on his Bring It Show

To listen to the show click here.

Show Notes

Where Gordon started learning about leadership [0:52]
On building trust and respect as a leader [3:00]
Why leadership is a marathon not a sprint [4:19]
On leadership defining company culture [6:02]
On the inside out process of leadership and the importance of personal development [8:04]
Advantages of FAST leadership over value based leadership [9:20]
The four reasons for failure [10:18]
Defining focus [11:22]
Practical ways to improve accountability [13:45]
On relating simplicity to leadership [16:00]
How Gordon ran his first marathon [16:58]
On transparency and motivation [19:04]
Gordon’s process for writing his new book [21:27]
Biggest takeaway from Gordon’s new book [24:05]
Gordon’s Favorite books [24:45]