FAST Launch

On October 20th we launched FAST – 4 Principles Every Business Needs To Achieve Results And Drive Success.

We held it at FAU Tech Runway, FAUs new Entrepreneur Incubator Program, which we thought was the ideal location to launch FAST, as it’s all about helping business and entrepreneurs achieve results FAST!

My beautiful wife Carine organized everything, and she did and awesome job, and the event reflected our brand of Energy, Warmth and Loving Relationships which was great result12066009_10153239874377029_6253379095372088526_n.

Carine was ably supported by several friends.















Dr Perkola Robers, acted as the Emcee, doing the introductions.

We have presentation by FAU Tech Runway and also Deliver the Dream charity which we were supporting with 25% of all proceeds going to the charity.

I gave a brief talk on FAST, and how I came up with the idea and the background to FAST.









After which there was some book signing and photo opportunities.


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I want to thank everyone who turned out and supported the launch, i really appreciated it and it meat so much to me.


thanks Gordon

If you’d like to order a copy of FAST you can do so here.