Fast Leadership Radio – People, Planet and Profits

Karin VoloFAST Leadership Radio Show – People, Planet and Profits.

This is the sequence in which we need to put our priorities, if we are looking to attract and retain the best talent from the Millennial Generation.
Given that the world is getting flatter, with more and more virtual organisations, the best talent can pick and choose who they want to work for, and can often do so from their homes.

The war for the best talent has probably never been fought harder than it is today and we need a new paradigm if we are looking to win it.

My guest today is Karin Volo. co-author of a new book called Engage! Your Step By Step Guide To Creating A Workplace That You, Your Co-Workers, and Your Customer Love!
It’s often people which are the key differentiator as to which companies perform best and Karin is going to give us some tips on how we can attract the best in order to be the best.

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