Fast Leadership Show – Calming The Chaos

jackie woodsideIn todays world we are inundated with a million demands on our time from phone calls, social media updates, emails, meetings, and so much more that there is very little time for us to do any productive work. We are all in danger of becoming busy rather than effective, which will have a huge impact on our productivity and consequently our result. And if we lead teams it can be even worse, we can be the cause of our teams being too busy to get things done. We have to calm the chaos, we have to get our selves back to being effective, when we do this it relieves our stress, increases our productivity and makes our personal lives so much more enjoyable.

On todays show we are going to be talking with Jackie Woodside, a coach, consultant on how to make this transition, who is also the author of the best selling book, Calming The Chaos, and we are going to be discussing her thoughts on how we can make significant improvements in both our business and private lives.

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Website: Jackie Woodside
Twitter: @JackieWoodside
Book: Calming Chaos Soulful Managing Energy