FAST Leadership Show – Helping Techies Become Entrepreneurs

Not all great technical ideas result in great products or successful start ups. The internet is littered with tales of companies who just couldn’t figure out how to monetize their idea, Alta Vista springs to mind but there are many many others.

On todays show we are going to be talking to Anil Sethi who is an expert in Monetizing Technology ideas, he was recognized as a Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and he is also the author of From Science to Start-Up which is a must read book for any aspiring Technology Entrepreneur. The book has been shortlisted for the prestigious CMO Management Book of the Year and is packed from cover to cover with great tips on how to identify the right idea, to getting funding and also figuring out your exit strategy and I am sure it’s a book that will help many avoid the pitfalls of Entrepreneurship.

You can check out the book on Amazon here.