Field of Dreams

cosmic alignment

As I sit here watching the film Field of Dreams, I know it’s only a story, but it’s amazing what we can achieve if we have passion and follow our dreams.

There are many who believe that when we do that, when we go for it, that the universe bends towards us and looks to help us on our way.

I am not sure that I fully believe that.

However, I do know that when I have started some new things, that some bizarre and even miraculous things have happened, to help keep me going, or to help me on the way.

When I first started writing this blog, after a couple of months it was ranked in the Top 50 Blogs to watch. It met non of the criteria for that, I wasn’t well known, I didn’t have a large leadership following, less that 50 people were reading my blog at that time, but the person compiling the list had read a few of my posts and liked what I had written so ranked me number 50.

This was a great motivation for me to continue: did I deserve it – not really; was it justified – not based on my readership; but it happened.

The universe bent towards me to help me with my goal.

Just recently I decided that I wanted to start Speaking, so I organised myself some speaking training, I also bought some training videos to improve and work on my style.

A few days after this one of my coaches, Julie Starr, with whom I had not spoken about my decision to start Speaking just sent me an email.

She told me that she there was a potential Speaking opportunity at a University, they were looking for people with practical Leadership experience rather than just theoretical, to come and give them a presentation on Leadership, and she had immediately thought of me.

Was this planned – no; did I expect it – no; but it happened.

Obviously this doesn’t always happen, but these are not the only instances where I have decided to do something different, or out of the ordinary, and then a door of opportunity has opened.

I had also decided to do my first webinar in January, although I wasn’t sure what the topic would be, but now with this Speaking engagement, I have a subject to present on and one that can also be used as the basis for the webinar.

It really feels like the planets are aligning themselves to help me achieve my many and varied goals.

My last example is really a bizarre one.

Having just completed the marathon in Cologne I knew that many of my friends would like to run another, but my plans were to run in South Africa and Canada, which is a little bit far for them to go.

So I decided to look for another Marathon in Europe. I found one, wasn’t hard there are hundreds, the one I decided on was the Athens Marathon over the original Marathon course.

This would be amazing, we could run the exact course that had given birth to the race.

Even more amazing, is the date of the race – Nov 9th, 2014, which is the exact date of the 50th Birthday of my friend Kristen who inspired me and helped me to complete my first Marathon.

So if everything works out we will now be able to celebrate Kristen ‘marathon woman‘ Varley’s 50th Birthday running the original Marathon course in Athens.

How’s that for a remarkable coincidence.

However, those dates were always going to be the same, Kristens birthday has always been the same date, and the date of the Athens Marathon has been planned for months if not years in advance, but it was by looking for something special, that I found something special.

It had been there all along, but if I had never looked, I would never have found it.

Whether it’s because we have opened ourselves up to possibility or not, I don’t know, but what I do know, or at least believe, is that if I hadn’t decided to go for it, then these opportunities would not have come my way.

This might be just that, when we take the chance and focus on a new challenge, that we start to see things that were there previously, but that we didn’t see they weren’t of interest to us or were not needed at the time.

Our brains process millions of pieces of information daily, and maybe some of the things that we don’t see as relevant at that moment get filtered out, or something.

I can’t really explain it, but I have experienced it often, it might just be coincidence, but these coincidences wouldn’t happen if we just chose to sit on the sidelines rather than go for our goals.

Like in the film, we need to believe that, ‘if we build it, they will come’, i.e. that if we take a chance, if we go for it, if we set a new bold goal, that something magical can happen to help us on our way.

Has this ever happened to you? If so let me know, I would be very interested to hear it?

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles