Finding Your Way

foggy route

Our way forward is sometimes not as clear to us as we would like it to be. I feel this myself now, as I start the a new journey into the next stage of my career.

I know the general direction that I want to go, but neither the destination nor the route to get there are 100% clear to me yet.

What to do, do you sit procrastinate and make no progress whilst you try to figure it out completely, or do you step forward in the general direction, make some progress and hope that things become clearer for you as you stride out into the unknown.

It is a difficult question to answer, without clarity, if you step out you might make progress but not in the direction that you ultimately want to go and therefore have wasted effort.

Or if you step out, you might find on the journey what the real destination is that you would like to arrive at, and it could be different from what you originally thought.

I have chosen to step out, make progress in the areas where I have a little more clarity, whilst I try to figure out the ultimate destination.

For me this is a better approach, and I think it’s down to personal taste, this way I can make some progress and increase my motivation, whilst I try to figure out the bigger picture.

I am of the opinion that if you can’t see the destination from where you are, then move, maybe you will see things a little more clearly from another location.

I am also a believer in the saying, “if you don’t like the journey, you won’t like the destination“, so as i step out, if I don’t like the journey then maybe I am going in the wrong way, as I probably won’t like the destination either.

Also, we spend more of our lives on the journey than at the destination, so it seems imperative that we should enjoy the journey.

With so many options in front of you, it is a good thing to try and narrow your focus, make good progress on one item, rather than little or no progress on 10.

As a leader, I need to be able to lead myself especially during times of uncertainty, this will make me a better leader and will help me when I need to lead others in times of uncertainty, as I will better understand their feelings and anxieties as I will have experienced myself.

I hope me sharing my experiences on the journey will provide you with some insights and a little bit of help on your own journey into the unknown.


Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles