Focus, Focus, Focus

images-29This week has been a fantastic week for me.

I was again selected #1 Leadership Expert to Follow on Twitter, that now makes me #1 for 6 months in a row.

My Blog was Selected #4 Leadership Blog in the world.

This weekend I will complete my 2nd Marathon in 3 weeks, when I run the Fort Lauderdale Marathon, having run in Miami just 20 days ago, and this will be my 6th marathon in the last 2 years.

For me these are significant achievements, and all of them have been achieved in a relatively short period of time just under 2 years.

When I started out on these endeavours there were many people who said I was crazy.

I was too old and too unfit to start running Marathons at over 50; that whilst I had good leadership experience this was a very competitive field and I would be lucky if anyone read my blog at all.

But I was focused, and with the right focus, and hard work we can achieve truly amazing things.

But the focus has to be the right focus, we need to focus on the important things, the things that will lead us to success.

This requires us to have a clear understanding of what we are trying to do, only then can we create a clear plan to achieve it.

It’s no good just rushing in, we need to sept back see the bigger picture, see the target clearly, and the take careful aim.

When we do that all of our hard work will be rewarded with progress towards our goal.

With my running I just hard to train myself to be able to run for 5 hours, it wasn’t about speed, technique or anything like that. I was just about increasing my stamina and increasing slowly over time the distance I could run.

With the blogging, my focus was on making sure that my blogs were easy to read, easy to understand and added value. I tried to write short articles which gave people advice or hints that they could put into practise easily.

When it comes to blogging it’s all about the content, content is king.

A lot of people write about the what, and then look to sell you the how, but that doesn’t add value. So I focused on writing about the how, and also about the why. Once you have good content, then next step is to get it in front of as many people as possible. You need to build a following, a like minded tribe and share articles that will be of interest to them

When I write it like that it doesn’t sound so complex does it?

Yet the results have been extraordinary.

We can all achieve astounding results, we just need to get the right focus, and then work hard, and when we do that will achieve amazing things.

Bringing clarity to what needs to be done in order to be successful is one of my best skills, and if you would like to have a session with me, to bring that clarity to you, so that you can achieve astounding goals, then email me at and lets schedule some time to talk, and put you on the path to greatness.


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