Fortune Favours The Bold

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As the sayings go, such as: ‘Who Dares Wins’, Fortune Favours The Bold’, or ‘Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained’ sometimes when we want something big we just need to take a gamble or take a risk in order to achieve it.

Just because something has never been done before, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

We need to understand the difference between never been tried, not yet achieved and impossible, they are not the same thing, because when we do, maybe we will take a chance and try something that has never been achieved before and succeed.

There are many things that were never achieved before and that were thought to be impossible, like: putting a man on the moon; running a mile in under 4 minutes; or even curing Polio; but someone somewhere decided to take up the challenge and with  lot of effort, planning and determination they turned the impossible into the achieved.

Why not make today the day where you take another look at a challenge you thought was impossible, and decide to try it again. Maybe you just haven’t seen a way to achieve it yet.

Be bold, think big, put your mind to work on finding a way to achieve something you felt was beyond you, it does’t need to something like putting a man on mars, or running the hundred metres in less than 8 seconds, it might be something personal like quitting smoking – something many people feel is impossible, or finding a way to complete that project ahead of schedule.

Be bold, because as the saying goes fortune favours you, and you never know you might just surprise yourself and be successful.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles