Fun Ways To Advertise Your Brand

When was the last time you considered your branding strategy for your business? No matter how long ago it was, you need to start coming up with some new ideas to get your business brand out there into the world for all to see. Most consumers make their purchasing decisions based on your external branding. When they drive past your advertising – whether that’s a billboard or large outside advert, people will base their choice on whether to walk into your business on these. 

People get sick of the fact that they are bombarded with advertising on their screens. Yes, we spend a lot of time staring at our phones and our tablets, and this is a problem! People bypass advertising as much as possible, but if you have something more fun such as inflatable art outside your store or along the highway, you’re going to capture their attention far faster. You can purchase a whole range of outdoor advertising options and each of these will be helpful for your business to invest in. With this in mind, here are some of the most fun ways you can advertise your brand: 

Image Source: Pexels

  • Billboards. You could pay for large billboards to be mounted anywhere there’s a spare space. Billboards are a fun way to advertise because you can do static options along the highway, appealing to customers as they drive past. You could even choose digital billboards in public transport stations, or interactive billboards equipped with QR coding that will help people to scan and read as they go!
  • Lamp post banners. When you add advertising to lamp posts, drivers going past shine their lights on the adverts as they drive past. Companies often look for large sign printing available here to ensure their marketing efforts have the desired effect. This is going to be an unavoidable advert and it forces the consumer to pay attention to the adverts. This is one of the advertising types that you want to make sure that people really see you.
  • Wiggly arm man! If you want your consumers to really notice you, why not have a wiggly armed man set up to wave your business across the town? Every time people walk or drive past, they will notice your business advertising and want to come in and see what you have to offer them. It’s such a fun way to advertise because you can get them in any colour and size, showing off your business to the entire neighborhood in a few seconds!
  • Inflatable advertising. So, you’re running a doughnut shop? Why not add a huge inflatable doughnut to the top of the building? There are some stunning ways that you can advertise your shop, and it’s so much easier to do it when you have a large inflatable to catch the eye. Inflatables give you the chance to really impress the target market you’re going for!
  • Shock advertising. It’s fun to create a guerilla advertising campaign, and it gets people talking. You need to take an existing item of yours to the public and make it stand out. You can do this with graffiti or even a flash mob!