Goals Update 2013 and New Goals 2014!

C PlusAs I look back on my goals for 2013 and see how I did, out of the nine goals I set myself, I achieved 5, and one partially, but failed miserable on 3. Those highlighted below in Red.

I might not have lost any weight, although I did run 2 marathons and significantly improve my health and fitness, so I am not too disappointed with that.

Goals 2013 results.

  • Be unconditionally happy. We have the ability to decide whether to be happy or not, and I will choose to be happy
  • Run a Marathon in 2013 – date is already set for April 28th and I am now looking to run in under 4hrs 30 mins
  • Write a book on Leadership, I target to have first draft completed by May 2013
  • Buy a house by end of 2013, not sure where yet, this could be fore retirement or to live in now
  • Learn Italian, improve from beginner to intermediate
  • Speak German more frequently, at least on a daily basis, and have more meetings in German
  • Lose some weight, get down below 80kg by end of quarter, it’s only a kg per month
  • Improve my photography skills, take a couple of courses, move on from beginner
  • Visit New Zealand – possibly Xmas vacation next year

Here are my goals for 2014.

  1. Run 1500km including Vancouver and Athens Marathons in 2014
    Stretch Target 2000km
  2. Lose Weight get down to 78kg by end of June 2014.
    Stretch Target down to 75kg by end of 2014
  3. Move back to US and buy a house there by end of 2014 – in Scottsdale
  4. Establish Leadership Principles LLC, provide Speaking, Training, Coaching and Consulting service and for it to be generating enough revenue for me to continue to focus on this in 2015.
  5. Write and publish 3 books on Leadership
    Stretch target 4
  6. Learn conversational Arabic, at least get to beginner level

I might come up with some additional ones, but for now this is it.

Let me know what your goals are for 2014!

Happy New Year

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles