Great Recognition – Inc Magazine Top 100 Great Leadership Speaker

Inc award

I am a big fan of giving recognition, I believe that it motivates people to aim higher and look to achieve even more.

And I am the same, when I receive feedback, it motivates me to look to get to the next level, to try harder and to think bigger.

So you can imagine the impact of being named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers has had on me, it has sent my mind racing, and it will definitely have an impact on the goals that I will set myself for 2015.

The real aim of writing this post though was to thank everyone who read my blog, follows me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, it has been your interaction with me, your sharing of my posts, your likes, your retweets, your comments that really generates the recognition and gets my writing and speaking noticed.

So to that end I wanted to say a huge thanks.

I really appreciate it, words cannot fully explain my feelings, and the debt of gratitude I owe you.

This is a great end to 2014, and inspires me to make 2015 even better!

Thanks to everyone for your support!


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