Green Careers: The Job Roles That Help the Environment

Are you determined to help save the environment any which way you can? Do you want to do more than just recycle your plastics and cycle to work? If so, you might want to consider embarking down a green career pathway. By landing yourself a job that will allow you to actively impact the environment day in, day out, you could end up making a serious contribution towards lowering the earth’s carbon footprint.

You should know that following such a career is never going to be an easy task — nothing worth having ever comes easy, as they say. To land yourself one of the roles below, you’re going to have to devote years of your life to training and education.

Up to the challenge of embarking on a green career? Check out the job roles below, see which one interests you the most, and go out there and turn your eco-friendly career dreams into a reality!

Environmental statistician

If you’ve got a keen eye for stats, an aptitude for crunching numbers, and the ability (as well as the patience) to analyze hordes of data, then why not combine these skills with your passion for the environment by becoming an environmental statistician? In this role, you would be tasked with studying facts and figures in order to uncover previously untold truths about the earth’s eco-friendly endeavors.

As an environmental statistician, you would be charged with analyzing intricate pieces of data regarding the human race, plants, animals, recycling, carbon emissions, fossil fuels, energy consumption, ecosystems, and eco-friendly organizations such as Greenpeace. In order to be up to this challenge, you would definitely need an education in the field — to the point, you would need to hone your analyzing abilities and cultivate your classification skills by taking a Masters in Applied Statistics online. On this course, you will learn how to study and interpret data on a broad spectrum. By your graduation, you will have the confidence and knowhow to be able to make bold predictions, devise foolproof experiments, and draw highly accurate conclusions based on the information that you unearth.

Environmental education officer

Would you much rather be out on the field proving just how serious climate change is to anybody that continues to doubt it? If so, then you’re probably more suited to being an environmental education officer. The title of this job role says it all — in this role, you would be tasked with publicizing environmental conservation concerns through the medium of education. You would work for charities, wildlife trusts, and government organizations in a bid to raise awareness of the fact that the earth needs to be far greener and lot more sustainable.

As an environmental education officer, you would face a plethora of new challenges each and every working day. One day you could find yourself at a school speaking about the dangers of single-use plastic, and the next you could be developing your very own eco-friendly policy. This is truly the green career for you if you want to actively play your part in making the world a more sustainable planet to live on.

Environmental scientist

As an environmental scientist, it would be your job to analyze the impact the human race is having on the environment. With the information that you unearth at hand, you would then be expected to set about the all-important tasks of lessening this impact and bringing down the globe’s carbon footprint.

Fear not, as being an environmental scientist won’t see you cooped up in a lab all day… in order to study the environment, you have to get out there into the environment! On any given day, you could be out collecting samples of water or soil, you could be studying an organization’s eco-friendly policies, or you could be acceding to the top of a wind turbine.

You wouldn’t have to worry about not landing yourself a job if you went down this career path, either. Local governments, research institutions, conservation groups, industrial companies, and environmental agencies are always looking for an environmental scientist to join their ranks and lessen their carbon emissions.

Green engineer

If you’re much more of a ‘hands-on’ kind of person, then you should consider becoming a green engineer instead. Should you land this kind of role, you will spend your working days trying to create new forms of energy generation that are low with regards to both cost and carbon. You will also be expected to maintain the power generation structures that are already in place across the globe, such as wind and solar panel farms, so as to ensure that they continue to do the jobs they were designed to do.

Environmental lawyer

Have a keen interest in law? Combine this interest with your passion for sustainable living, and become an environmental lawyer. This will require training but can be an extensive and rewarding career. This kind of niche practice area really speaks for itself — should you land a role as an environmental lawyer, it will be your job to take people to court who are abusing the earth’s natural resources. You will be the one to get green legalizations in place, and you will be the one to tackle the ‘untouchable’ organizations who think they’re above climate change and the need to protect the environment. Even if you cannot land yourself one of the roles listed above, you shouldn’t give up on your fight to be greener at work. No matter what industry you work in, there are plenty of ways for you to make a change and lessen the earth’s carbon footprint — you could set up a cycle-to-work scheme, you could campaign to ensure that your office goes paperless, or you could work alongside your boss to put a sustainability plan in place. The possibilities are, quite simply, endless in this instance, so don’t think that not having ‘environmental’ or ‘green’ in front of your job title means you