Growth Comes Best in Fertile Ground

fertileWe are all capable of so much more than we will ever know, but to achieve our full potential we need to be in the right environment, one that will nourish us, encourage us and push us to be the best that we can be.

We need to examine our surroundings, who we are mixing with, who are mentors are and ask ourselves, am I standing in fertile or barren ground.

If you’re standing in barren ground then you need to move, we need to surround ourselves with positive energy, positive input because only then will we encourage our creative juices to flow.

Too often we surround ourselves with negative people, naysayers, who pull down our dreams and stop us from achieving our potential because of the fears that they have inside about themselves, and it’s easier for them if we give up on our goals too, it justifies them.

It’s not that these are bad people, it’s just that they are bad for us, for our growth, they are like weeds who strangle us and hold us back.

When we are in fertile ground it has a completely different vibe, people encourage you, they give you positive reinforcement, they challenge you as to why you are not doing more with what you have.

They see the potential within in, and try to help you see it.

One of the reasons I am planning to move to Florida is to move to more fertile ground. It’s not that Germany was barren, it was very good for me, it allowed me to help develop my leadership skills, write 2 books and really understand what my passion is.

But in order to take this to the next level I need to be in  more fertile ground, I need to be challenged and pushed in order to get the best out of me.

So take a look around yourself, and see whether you are in the most ferule ground for your growth and if not then its time  to make some changes, it might be something simple like  getting a mentor, or joining a Mastermind group, but we have to do something otherwise we will not achieve our full potential.

Gordon Tredgold

#Leadership Principles