Growth mindset vs fixed mindset: Which one do you have

Have you ever wondered why two people with the same talents, the same potential, the same resources, and the same level of education end up achieving different levels of success? Why would someone who was top of their class lag behind the rest career-wise?

Well, the answer is simple: How different people look at ability is what makes the whole difference. People who see ability as a rigid, inbuilt characteristic often end up lagging behind in life and plateauing in their careers. Such people have what psychologists call a fixed mindset.

Then there are those people with a growth mindset. These are people who believe that as much as the ability is inherent, it can develop and should actually be cultivated in order to grow. Such people constantly invest in personal growth and self-improvement.

That being said, what other defining differences that set a growth mindset apart from a fixed mindset?

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset: How They Look At…

1.      Challenges

If you are a growth mindset person, you always see challenges as tests that will eventually make you better and stronger. Challenges aren’t burdening to you. You face them head on with optimism and courage.

For a fixed mindset, challenges are to be avoided at all costs. These people would rather resign to fate than risk attempting and failing. They believe in doing what they feel comfortable doing without compromising their self-image.

 2.      Hard work

A growth mindset sees hard work as the primary ingredient of success. With this mindset, you will constantly want to grow in life and professionally, so you’ll work hard to master new, useful skills.

On the other hand, hard work is useless and unpleasant in the eyes of a fixed mind.  If a task necessitates any extra effort, these people fold their arms and retire to their comfort zones.

3.      Competition

For a growth mindset, competition is what makes them grow. They value and celebrate the success of other people because it inspires them to keep pushing. They appreciate that it took effort, not luck, for any successful person to achieve what he/she has in life.

Fixed mindsets believe that it takes luck, not effort, to become successful. They will go to great lengths to dismiss the success of others as ill-gotten and undeserved. In some extreme cases, they will even tarnish their competitor’s name, fabricate negative stories, and do everything in their power to sabotage the success of others.

4.      Negative feedback

Any feedback, good or bad, provides new and valuable information for growth mindsets. These people take it all in and then filter negative energy at their own time; after interrogating each feedback in detail. As hurtful as negative criticism is to them, they choose to rise above it, develop their current abilities, and prove their doubters wrong.

Fixed mindsets believe that they are right at all times and any form of criticism is unwelcome. Instead of using positive criticism to improve their abilities, they see it as an attack on their person. In some instances, they will cut ties with any of their associates who criticize their actions.

5.      Life/career hurdles

Hurdles in life or in your career do not discourage you if you are a growth mindset. You believe that you are a worthy person regardless of whether you succeed or not. Success doesn’t define you and neither does failure. When you fail, you learn. When you succeed, you learn. It is always a win-win situation for you.

Fixed mindsets quit immediately they encounter a hurdle in life.

How to Level Up Your Mindset

If this post has made you realize that you have a fixed mindset, you now are probably wondering how you can improve mindset. Well, worry not because we have 2 proven tips to get you started:

1.      Take a vacation

Unknown to many, traveling is a very effective way of opening your mind to new ideas and changing your perception of life altogether. Visiting London, for example, allows you to interact with people from all over the globe. People who share different sexual, religious, political, and racist views, so you are challenged to meet them halfway. By so doing, you become a better person. Try taking a London free walking tour, and see all the beautiful attractions which will provide a dose of relaxation simply by looking at them. Also, traveling is a proven strategy for recharging and boosting your mood, consequently enabling you to think and reason with more positivity.

 2.      Talk to a life coach

If your mindset is coming between you and your career growth, you need to seek guidance from an experienced life coach. A coach will walk with you and help you eliminate negative beliefs and everything else that holds you back.

Author BIO: Elisa Williams is a devoted career specialist, helping many students and people making the right career choice. She usually evaluates the individual’s background, training, and education in order to help and develop realistic goals and help guide them in choosing a profession or type of degree necessary to be successful. When she is not helping others, you can find her exploring the deepness of nature.