Guest Post – 10 Ways To Become A More Confident Person

Guest Post on 10 Ways To Become a More Confident Person.

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“We may have underestimated just how restricted our restrictiveness makes us.” — Adam Philips

We all have two lives – the life we live and the life we want. In the latter, we imagine an idealized version of ourselves; swaggering through life with a powerful, self-assured confidence. But life is never quite so simple.

It’s almost certain that there’ll be times when you lack confidence and don’t feel good about yourself – you’re only human, after all. The problem with thinking negatively about ourselves is that we start to behave as if it’s true, avoiding situations where we feel vulnerable or useless. This often leads to missing out on activities and social events we’d otherwise like to participate in – preventing us from realizing our potential and leading happier, more fulfilling lives.

If you’re keen on boosting your confidence – there’s good news: like any other skill, confidence can be built and improved upon. In ‘10 Ways to Become a More Confident Person’ — the latest infographic from Vegas Extreme Skydiving — we’re shown simple steps to adapt into your daily routines that will transform your life from the inside out.


Unfortunately, there are still a lot of negative myths around self-confidence that leave people feeling powerless over their situation.

1. “It’s something you’re born with.”

Despite what you might have been told, confidence is not something that you’re born with. Rather, it’s a skill that’s developed and built upon as we make our way through life, just like any other. There are opportunities all around us to build self-confidence, from reminding ourselves of our own successes, to succeeding in a demanding physical activity. Confidence can be found anywhere.

2. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.”

Not true – it might be harder to get back on the ladder, but you’ll rise again harder and stronger for it. Building resilience is a vital component of becoming a more confident person – being able to handle setbacks and when things don’t go exactly as you’d hoped. To paraphrase the playwright Samuel Beckett, personal growth comes through trying, failing, and trying again and failing better.

3. “I’d feel more confident if I knew I’d succeed at something new.”

How can you know you’ll succeed if you’ve never tried? No one can predict the future, so you shouldn’t let the fears of an uncertain outcome prevent you from taking a risk. Learn to embrace the excitement of uncertainty – things are never as bad as we imagine them to be.

To get actionable advice on how to overcome anxiety and self-doubt to become a more confident person, make sure to read the rest of the infographic here.


























































































































































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