Guest Post 10 Ways to Build a Stronger, More Successful Teams.

Author Guest PostHere’s a great guest post from Külli Koort with a great info graphic on building stronger more successful teams.

Külli Koort is a passionate team member and a marketing director at Weekdone, a start-up that builds progress report software based on popular management methodologies like PPP and OKR.

You can connect with her on Twitter and Google+. 

Before you are able to build a successful company, you need to build a great team. It all starts from your leadership and how you can be a better manager, a top leader for your team. Like every occupation, it takes time to master, but time is the scarcest resource we have. That’s why we aimed to put together some practical tips you can implement today. Having worked with numerous management techniques and receiving great feedback from teams across the globe, our Weekdone team is ready with the analysis.

Here are 10 practical tips from Weekdone that are easy to implement and will surely bring great results and help you become a great leader.

Start now by saying something positive to your team-members:”




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