Guest Post – The Latest Tech Industries Making the Biggest Splash

With the continued dominance of technology companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google in the world of business, it’s no secret to anyone that technology is big business. But whilst phone and computer manufacturers continue to dominate, there are others tech industries that are fast rising through the ranks and although they may never attain (or come close to) the world-conquering power of Apple, they are doing very well for themselves.


Virtual Reality has been being promised to us throughout the ages, but we’ve never come close to it until now. The technological dreams of the past have become reality (still waiting on those hover boards though). It’s not a surprise that VR is becoming a massive industry because gaming is the world’s largest media industry, outselling – and ‘out-profiting’ – film, television, and literature. Companies like Oculus, which was the first company to introduce this style of VR to the world, have been gaining momentum at a frightening pace, with this year’s E3 conference being nearly dominated by talk of the latest in VR, with existing games like Fallout 4 and Doom getting support, as well as a wealth of new titles including an upcoming VR Arkham Batman game.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been a strong presence in the world of business for the past decade, but in recent years it has grown exponentially and there are even companies (the more forward thinking at least) who operate with an almost Google level of respect for their employees with free meals and even petting zoos for when they get too stressed. Digital marketing enables the big corporations to get bigger and the smaller ones to have a chance at becoming the big players. For a company in 2016 to work, it needs strong digital marketing support.

Web Hosting

Website hosting is definitely not new and has been around since the dawn of the internet, however with the behemoth that is digital marketing taking centre stage, companies need good webhosting to back up their marketing and thus, the best web hosting companies around have grown bigger and stronger because of that and are just as indispensable as a good marketing firm. Gone are the days when someone would try to run a business from a simple WordPress site.


I wasn’t sure if I should include vlogging as a new powerhouse in the tech industry game, however seeing as Zoella is reportedly making £50,000 a month and is releasing books and fashion lines as well as appearing in the latest Band Aid travesty, it’s definitely big money for the people involved, even if it is still a relatively small community. I believe what I’m doing right now will slowly fade away and vlogging will be the new blogging … although people said that about the books when the kindle was released and the same about vinyl when the CD was released, but they’re all going strong, so what do I know?