Happiness is a Fuel for Leadership

happy people

As leader I truly believe that one of the things that we need to do is, to make our people happy.

When they are happy they are more open to suggestions, to communication, to opportunity, and to aggressive goals.

In fact I believe that happiness is a fuel for leadership and one that we should look to create in abundance.

There is a saying that happy teams are productive teams, and I think that this productivity comes from people openness to be more inspired when they are happy, it increases their belief in what they are capable of and what they are prepared to try.

Don’t believe me, then try and remember how you felt the last time that you were unhappy, or were n0t happy.

I know that when I am not happy then everything seems like too much effort, that sometime even the simple tasks seem beyond me, which isn’t true, it’s just that the lack of happiness drains my motivation to do things.

However, when I am happy my thought processes are completely different, I believe much more in possibilities and consequently I’m prepared to at least try.

With this in mind, then we should look to make every encounter with our people a happy encounter, they should look forward to seeing us, not afraid or wary.

Obviously there are some times when we might have some serious issues to address, such as system outages, or fallings sales, but we should still look to happy have outlook and be positive.

If happy people are productive people, which I believe is the case, then as leaders we should be serial creators of happiness 🙂

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles