Honoured to be #5 on FeedSpot Top 100 Leadership Blogs

I’d just like to say big thank you to everyone who has read, shared, commented and provided feedback on my blog. Your support has been a great encouragement to me to keep going and sharing my thoughts on Leadership.

When I first started writing back in 2012 it never occurred to me how far I would go on this journey, and it’s all because of you the people who have supported, encouraged and promoted me and I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate you.

I really do feel honoured to be featured with the likes of Harvard Business Review, Dan Rockwell, Michael Hyatt, Kevin Eikenberry,  Skip Pritchard, and many others, many of who I have respected and followed for man years.  

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Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to providing more leadership tips and advice for you.