How Belief Can Transform an Organisation

RanieriBelief is a very powerful force, the more belief we have the more success we have.

Belief starts with the leader. The leader needs to have the team believe in them, and when that happens it allows the leader to build belief in the team.  


The currently Leicester City team which confounds the critics and sits at the top of the English Premier League is probably one of the greatest examples of this and how the power of belief can completely transform an organisation.

This time last year Leicester were fighting to avoid relegation, which they successfully did, and at the end of the season they brought in a new manager, Claudio Ranieri.

Claudio Ranieri was a manager who had worked at the highest levels and had more success than any previous Leicester managers which gave the team belief in him, which was the start of the transformation.

Ranieri then got the team to play a simple direct form of football and had some early success which then gave the team confidence and belief in themselves and which he has worked to increase. Building them up, giving them confidence and then setting them lose.

Often when a manager takes over a poor, lower level team the  focus is to be more defensive, but this can impact the players belief that they are not good enough, that they need focus on not getting beat rather than playing to win.

Ranieri has sent his team out to win!

It’s a different starting attitude and one which when fuelled by early success can become unstoppable.

It’s too early to say whether Leicester will win the league, however they do sit 5 points clear at the top with just 8 games remaining, and whatever happens now this will probably be their most successful season in their history.

This all comes from belief.

If you have a team start by showing them that you believe in them, and praise them for work well done, all this will have a positive impact on their attitude about you and also about themselves.

We are all capable of doing so much more, so much better, we just need to have someone believe in us.

Why not be that someone?


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