How Customers Are Searching For Businesses Like Yours

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What are customers doing to search for businesses such as yours? It’s worth finding out, as by knowing where they are likely to venture online, you will be able to take the steps necessary to reach the right people

In this post, we are going to consider just a few of the ways customers find businesses online.

#1: Customers browse their phone app stores 

You probably have a website for your business, but do you have an app? If not, you should consider the possibility, as many people use apps as a convenient way to access the products and services they need. You don’t need to be skilled in web code to create an app for your business, as you can easily find a business app maker online to make light work of the creation process. Alternatively, outsource this task to somebody else. 

#2: Customers use online marketplaces

Customers use sites such as Snupit to find the businesses they need. Such websites are set up to aid both customers and business owners alike, so make sure your business is listed on as many online marketplaces as possible. These sites are also likely to show up highly in Google search ranking pages, when people search for ‘(business name) near me,’ as they are designed to serve customers looking for a business in their local area. With this in mind then, you might also want to consider the next point.

#3: Customers are searching on Google

As a follow-on from the above, this is something you need to remember. Your website needs to be at the top (or near the top) of Google search pages, as customers rarely venture beyond page 2 when looking for what they need. So, get to grips with SEO, and learn the basics so you can optimize your site for search engines. And consider outsourcing this particular task to a professional, as somebody with the necessary expertise will be up to date with the latest SEO techniques. 

#4: Customers are using business review sites

There are hundreds of business review sites online, including the likes of Yelp and TrustPilot. Not only should you be listed on these sites, but you need to be aware of what people are writing about your business too. When people write positive reviews, potential new customers will read these and consider using your business over your nearest rival. If people write bad reviews, on the other hand, you aren’t likely to see many people heading your way. So, do all you can to ensure 5-star reviews for your business, and check the review sites where you’re listed on a regular basis. If you notice a bad review, leave a polite comment in response, and either defend your business or promise to improve in response to the feedback that has been left by a disgruntled customer. 

Now you know some of the ways customers are searching for business like yours, you can take the necessary steps to ensure they find you. Consider our suggestions and commit to further research online to learn more.