How do you Shape the Next Generation of Leaders?

One of your key responsibilities as a leader is: to develop the people who work with you; to push them to new heights and to develop the next generation of leaders.

It’s true to say that not all of the people who work for me will become Leaders, but it is also true to say that they will all benefit from being developed in this direction.

Developing leadership skills isn’t a 1-week training session.

It’s an ongoing process, which we need to be fully committed to.

From my perspective a Leadership Program needs to include:

  • Clear Leadership Model for the culture you want to create
  • Extensive training in line with the desired Leadership model
  • Development of role models and coaches who live the model
  • Consistent Top Level Leadership in line with the model
  • Senior-level commitment to the program

Whilst defining the Leadership Culture you want to create might sound difficult it’s fairly simple.

Most organizations want the same leadership culture, which you can find in most leadership books, but you probably already know it.

Most models include:

  • Authentic leadership
  • Open safe environment
  • Trusting and respectful
  • No blame culture
  • Strong accountability
  • Good clear communication
  • Supportive
  • Great team spirit

The problem is that in many companies they just talk the talk and don’t walk the walk.

Often the leadership culture then becomes just a reflection of the leader, which may be created subconsciously rather than consciously.

Here are some of the benefits of setting up a leadership program are:

  • Creates a consciously defined leadership model
  • A clear statement of intent to create a consistent leadership culture
  • Allows our teams to hold us accountable for living the model
  • It shows the organization we value them and want to invest in them
  • It shows that we value good leadership
  • It helps people become much more self-reliant, leading themselves better if nothing else
  • Leadership model/culture extends further into the organization
  • It helps create a fantastic team spirit
  • It drives significant performance improvements

Developing leaders is a major undertaking, but the benefits outweigh the costs and efforts involved.

You end up with an organization where the leadership truly understands the importance of leadership.

You also have a common language and a common approach, which helps to communicate the goals and objectives and create a winning culture, with increased teamwork and ensures that we are all pulling in the same direction.

It also means that the leadership burden is shared between the senior leadership team and the leader.

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