How Leaders Create Great Culture

Every business would love to have a great culture, one that delivers excellent service, great returns, and creates an environment where these types of results are sustainable.

But how do you do that? Where does great culture come from?

Cultures are built bottom-up by the people who make up your organization, culture is the character of your organization and often determines how your organization will respond to certain situations.

Now whilst culture is built bottom-up, it’s defined top-down, and it’s highly influenced by the leaders of your organization, and if you’re in a senior leadership position, then that includes you.

People look to their leaders for guidance, they listen to their words but more importantly they look at what they do, and then often copy exactly what they see.

This is why leading by example is so important, and what we mean by that is setting the example and being the role model for the types of behaviours, i.e. the Culture, we want our teams to exhibit.

Leadership defines culture, it’s as simple as that.

Here’s a graphic I created about how leaders help to improve the example they give by questioning themselves about the way they act, behave and how they could become better.

When leaders ask these questions of themselves, and also of their teams it helps them become much self-aware and allows them to make the changes that will help both them grow as leaders, and also improve the example they set which will help to create a better culture.