How To Create Engaged, Excited, And Empowered Teams That Crush It

Creating engaged, empowered and excited teams should be the goal of every leader in every organization, because when your teams can achieve that then they will deliver amazing results. I have companies create teams like that by using the FAST Approach and that has helped them to treble revenue in just 12 months, make multimillion-dollar cost savings through efficiency gains and have helped to increase performance by 50-500%.s

FAST works because it helps to clarify the goals and the objectives, which is important because if you don’t know what the goal is, what you’re supposed to be doing, then how can you be engaged. You wouldn’t believe how many companies I have worked with, where their teams are very keen, but they cannot engage because they don’t know what the objective is. You can give people tasks but if they don’t know the big picture or why it’s important, it’s impossible for them to engage.

We also need to be clear about what we expect and to give them simple instructions, and then hold them accountable for the outcomes, as this will help them take ownership and when people own the outcome, they will always do a better job. When people are empowered like they, they become more committed to the success.

Lastly, if your team is unsure of the approach to success make sure you explain it simply and clearly because when people can see how to be successful it will inspire and excite them. People are not afraid of hard work they are afraid of failure. If you can show them how they can be successful, this will eliminate that fear and get them excited.

That is the proven power of the FAST Approach.