How To Give Back To Your Community Through Business

Businesses are held to a higher standard than the average Joe and while those expectations might seem unfair, it’s part and parcel of owning a business. It’s important to do what you can to give back to your local community, especially in areas that desperately need the kindness and goodwill of others more fortunate.

Whether your business is cash rich or not, there are many ways to give back to your community from small acts to generous ones. With that being said, if you’re looking to help your community in other ways, then there are plenty of ways to go about it.

With that being said, here are some helpful tips to give back to your community through the business this year and beyond.

Sponsor or organize an event

If you’ve got the funds or budget to do so, you should be allocating some of your spare cash to go toward philanthropy. Being gracious to others is a trait that you would want your business to have, right? It’s something that any business could benefit from, solely because it helps provide you with a glowing reputation as a result.

Getting positive notoriety is better than having a negative reception and overall opinion of your business. So, with that in mind, it’s well worth your time and money spent to sponsor or organize events that give back to your local community.

Perhaps you could sponsor a local event that’s after funding? You may want to lean towards those community events that are more relatable to business or you could offer a blanket of support to all types of events or organizations that require sponsorship from businesses just like you.

Encourage employees to run their own community fundraisers

Your employees may be wanting to contribute their own efforts to the community, whether they have personal experience with some charities for example or they want to help out in other ways.

Speak to your employees individually and collectively about what could be done in the community and what they personally would love to be a part of. There are plenty of platforms out there that can help when organizing community fundraisers and allocating donations to those fundraisers.

Even if you’re not able to donate a big amount, you can help in other ways, such as helping set up the fundraiser. It could be something you hold within your own offices or business premises. It doesn’t always need to be a financial campaign. 

Run donation campaigns within the office

Encouraging internal contributions is always worthwhile, even if it’s a minimal amount that gets collected each time. As it’s often said, every little helps, particularly when it comes to donating to a charity.

If you’re looking to donate or you think your workforce would be keen to donate themselves, then set up these campaigns within the office. These could be seasonal campaigns that take place every so often. There are certain periods throughout the year when community support might be needed more than ever before.

From the festive season, where not all families may have the funds for Christmas gifts to troubling economic times. The cost of living currently isn’t ideal for a lot of people and being able to help out locally could certainly do a world of good for your community.

Work with local suppliers

The suppliers you choose to work with when it comes to business are imperative to your success. They, after all, are responsible for providing your goods on time and with a quality that will only reflect positively on your business when delivering them to your customers.

Whether you work with just one supplier or many, it’s important to consider the usefulness of seeking suppliers closer to home. By selecting local suppliers, you’re helping fund the local community and giving back to those who live in the area. Independent and local suppliers might be slightly more costly sometimes but you will surely get a better quality of service and goods.

It’s worth weighing up your options and what’s available in the local area when it comes to suppliers. If you’re able to support the local suppliers, then you’re already giving back to your community in more ways than one. 

Offer workshops and training opportunities to local businesses

As it’s been mentioned, not everything has to be a financial contribution. Sometimes, being able to use your knowledge or company knowledge to help others is useful too.

For local businesses or those who need guidance on business in general, may be able to benefit from any classes, workshops, or training opportunities you offer.

This could be an initiative you run on a monthly or annual basis depending on how busy your business is at the time. These workshops or training opportunities could provide an insight into all areas of running a business which may be helpful for those who are just starting out.

As a business, it’s important to remember that your business too started from the bottom and so it’s good to give others a helping hand where possible, especially on a local level. Reach out to these small businesses and startups to see if there’s a market or interest in this. You may be surprised to find that there are plenty who are keen to learn from your company.

Reward local customers

Your local customers are important because they are often the lifeline of a business that relies on local businesses. Even if you’ve recently grown and your audience now spans multiple geographics, it’s the locals that will always be there for you during the tough times.

With that being said, it’s beneficial to give back to the most important community members and those are your customers. There are plenty of ways that you can reward your loyal customers with specialized discount codes to freebies for their loyalty to the brand over the months or years they’ve spent money on your business.

Don’t neglect your local customers and as a result, they won’t neglect you.

Help out others with networking events

Networking events are often great for those who are lacking in confidence and are wanting to make connections with others from their local area. Whether that’s for business purposes or to simply make social connections, a networking event is often the answer to both.

As a business, it may be worthwhile to be the face of a few networking events in your local area. It’s a great way to connect with a community and perhaps discover some local talent that you would have otherwise never spotted.


It could be useful to help seek new hires for your business and when those individuals are from the local area, it’s often a great opportunity to help invest back into the community itself. You may also find the people who work for you, that comes from the local area, are less likely to leave for greener pastures if they live there.

Commit to a greener way of running your business

Greener initiatives are always going to be a big green-thumbed tick for those who are very much conscious of climate change and the damage being done to the environment. You’ll certainly attract positive attention from climate activists who can often be very influential in the local area.

If you’re looking to find ways of committing to a greener way of running the business, take advantage of some of these tips:

  • – Reduce, reuse, and recycle what you can
  • – Get specialist recycling services for tech equipment
  • – Go paperless
  • – Encourage cycle-to-work schemes

Volunteer for local initiatives

To give back to your community, there’s nothing better than volunteering. Volunteers are often in short supply and it’s important to try and give back where you can. If you’ve got the time and your employees have the time to do so, make sure you’re on the look out for local initiatives that need additional hands.

There are plenty of food banks and services out there that are tirelessly helping out those less fortunate, so make sure to do your bit too.

Support local teams and clubs

When you donate to local teams and clubs, you’re doing a lot to help the generations of locals who live within the area. This is particularly the case if you’re giving your money to the younger generation and to those teams or clubs that are massively underfunded.

While a lot of local teams or clubs may be doing well financially, it relies on the donations of the community and anyone who wants to freely invest in the club itself. Having the backing of a business is definitely something that would be greatly appreciated.

Giving back to your local community is something that’s greatly appreciated and sadly not done enough nowadays. It’s now more important than ever to unite people together and to deliver a sense of community, especially where it’s lacking. 

If you’re able to give back to your community this year as a business, then please do. It’s something that can have a major ripple effect that benefits more than just your business and those initial few people you help.