How to Lead a Digital Transformation

images-2Leading A Digital Transformation

We are in the midst of the digital revolution, one which is changing the face of business, with new business models where the biggest taxi firm has no taxis, the biggest book seller no bookstores, the biggest provider of hotel rooms has no hotels. For companies who can ride out the digital revolution there are fortunes to be made, and made very quick;y quickly, for those that can’t the future could become very bleak. Like all projects, Digital Transformations are fraught with danger, and there are already many multimillion dollar failures that we have seen.

On todays show I am going to be talking with Rob Llewellyn, of CXO Transform who is an expert in Digital Transformations, guiding CEO’s through this minefield, and he will be sharing with us his THRIVE Approach to successful delivering these major transformations.

You can follow Rob at @robertllewellyn

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