How to Lead By Example in the Workplace

One of the best ways to lead the people who work for you is to lead by example. If employees can see you walking the talk, then they are far more likely to be inspired by you as a leader and follow suit.

That being the case, here are a few of the most effective ways you can lead by example in the workplace right now:

Demonstrate tasks

A really simple way to lead by example is to have staff productivity meetings whereby you explain a working process not only by telling your employees what to do, but also by getting stuck in and actually completing them yourself so you can literally demonstrate what needs to be done, and show employees that you are just as willing and capable of getting stuck into a task as they are.

Be enthusiastic

If you do not come to work every day highly motivated and willing to do the work you are paid for, then why do you think your staff will? Motivation starts from the top, so if you can come to work with a smile on your face and sparing in your step, and if you are always seen working hard on any given task, then it is sure to inspire your employees to do the same too.

Follow through on your promises

If you always follow through on your promises, whether it be to offer employee rewards to anyone who helps the planet or cycles to work, for example, or for something more prosaic like extending the lunch break for a few minutes, then you will gain the respect of your employees and, in turn, they are more likely to come to you with issue and suggestions, as well as being much more likely to similarly follow through on their work goals and deadlines.

Work in the office with them

Instead of always holing yourself up in your own corner office, get down into the main office and work alongside your employees. The more they feel like you are one of them, the more inspired they will be to follow your lead, and getting to know your employees better is always a good way to work out how you can better lead and motivate them in the future too. You will probably find you have a great time working with the employees in a business office environment, too.

Keep calm

If you start losing your temper and shouting at employees or otherwise behaving in a less than dignified way, then it will be much harder to gain the respect of your employees, and if you do not have their respect, you are going to find it extremely difficult to lead them in anything, You need to be respected which means being fair, calm and magnanimous at all times.

Leading by example is one of the most effective strategies any leader has at their disposal, so be sure to add it to your arsenal as a business owner, thought leader or corporate manager.