How to Perform Good Performance Reviews While Your Team is Working Remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to instruct their employees to work from home in a bid to help stop the spread. How can you perform good performance reviews while your team is working remotely? This extensive article will give you some useful tips that will make it easy for you to do that. Keep reading to learn more.

Put Performance at the Forefront

According to, a solid performance process is needed to get the most out of a team. Performance management should be an ongoing process and not an annual activity. Just as you want your team to perform at their best, your business website should also rank higher. You can collaborate with a link building agency like Click Intelligence to help promote your business website.

Introduce Real-Time Feedback

If you are working with a remote team, real-time feedback is essential. This will keep everyone in the loop, allow the manager to know exactly what is going on and provide employees with information on how they can improve their performances. There are different kinds of real-time feedback tools that you can use if your company does not have one already

Prioritize In-Person Interactions

Whenever possible, you should prioritize in-person interactions. According to, in-person interactions with employees is more efficient than virtual interaction. You can organize local meetups with your team to see them in-person to review their performances. If that won’t be possible for your business, however, you can stick to using tools like Zoom, Microsoft Team and Google Meet to interact with your team members.

Evaluate Different Competencies

It is common for employers to overlook employees’ soft skills when conducting performance reviews. Employees are usually often judged based on concrete results and skills that directly impact their role. To perform good performance reviews, however, you need to take into account every skill used by the employee to improve the entire organization. This can be proactiveness, self-motivation, working without constant supervision and so on.

Ask for Peer Feedback

If peer feedback is not part of your performance review process already, you may want to consider it. You will be surprised that your employees know much more about each other’s performances than you do. When asking for peer feedback, you need to be aware that many people do not feel comfortable talking about their colleague’s performances, but they may be comfortable offering anonymous insights.

Pause and Breathe

According to the Harvard Business Review, good feedback is a two-way conversation. Since good performance is linked to effective feedback, you need to pause and listen to what your team members have to say. You don’t want your performance review process to spiral into a one-sided lecture which can make things tough for you as well as your team, thus forfeiting the whole purpose of the review.

Throughout this detailed article, we have shared with you some tips that can help you perform good performance reviews even if your team is working from home. Remember that performance review is an ongoing process so you should introduce real-time feedback and not wait for annual Q&A sessions with your team members. Also, evaluate different competencies of your team and listen to what they have to say.