How To Ramp Up Your Outdoor Advertising Strategy In Winter

Outdoor advertising is a killer strategy when it comes to marketing promotions. It enables you to achieve an extensive reach by displaying your brand, message, and product where the audiences can see them. Although you spend a bit on outdoor displays, the benefits make it a worthy investment in the long run. Not surprisingly, established brands and startups acclaim the promotional tactic alike. It can boost your presence throughout the year, but winter is a special time because more people are in shopping mode. Expert marketers recommend making the most of the season by ramping up your outdoor advertising strategy in winter. Here are some ways to achieve your winter sales goals with outdoor signage.

Capitalize on the festive spirit

Winter is the festive season, so you must create a content calendar to capitalize on the holiday spirit. Holidays create unique selling opportunities for brands and being ahead of them enables you to maximize your sales. Think beyond social media and websites because your outdoor promotions should reflect the same mood. Also, get aggressive with advertising by making your displays visible in prime retail spaces. Planning ahead of time is the key to effective campaigns.

Create emotive content

While holidays present an opportunity for brands and marketers, the winter blues pose a challenge. Emotive content gets you on the winning side as it resonates with the audience, regardless of their mood and mindset. Ramp up your seasonal marketing campaigns by tapping into appropriate themes. For example, you can highlight affection for your family and friends during Christmas, romance and love in Valentine’s season, and warmth and togetherness throughout the dull, bleak months.

Go bright and bold

Think beyond engaging content for your outdoor campaigns because you also need the displays to be bright and bold. After all, it is the only way to attract attention and make potential buyers read your message. While you must stick with your brand’s look and feel, you can experiment with font sizes, colors, and visuals. Investing in outdoor digital signage with reflective screens is a great idea. It ensures that your message is clear and visible on sunny, rainy, and snowy days, so bad weather will not put off your campaign.

Create an integrated customer journey

Cold weather tends to trigger an increase in online shopping because it is far more convenient than stepping out in snowy weather. However, another segment of your audience will prioritize retail therapy as it goes well with the festive vibes. Creating an integrated marketing campaign can help you cover both fronts, from targeting busy retail locations to making the most of online traffic. Run a consistent campaign online so that potential buyers connect with both. It also helps you drive impulsive buying decisions and maximize winter sales.

Winter is a great time for brands because it makes people indulge in holiday shopping. But you must invest in a robust outdoor advertising campaign to capitalize on the opportunity. Think beyond the regular ads and banners, and ramp up your displays with an alluring look, feel, and messaging.